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Welcome to the IF4IT NOUNZ Interactive Demonstration Web Site

This entire Web Site was automatically generated by the NOUNZ compiler in just seconds.

The site consists of over 10,000 feature rich, neatly organized, and very consistent Web Pages. The site also includes hundreds of thousands of automatically generated HTML links and more than 100,000 automatically generated Semantic Relationships that provide, both, bidirectional linkage between and context for how most pages are linked together.

How to Start: We recommend you simply pick a link from the top Menu Bar or the Left Side Navigation Column and start to browse from page to page, in order to see how things are represented, organized, and related to each other. As you browse from page to page, keep in mind that every page was autogenerated from nothing more than spreadsheets and in mere seconds. You may even want to compare it to your own tools, such as your Intranet, your Enterprise Modeling Tools, your CMDB, your Enterprise Service Catalog, and even any general Knowledge Sharing tools you have, in order to get a feel for the differences.

NOUNZ Simplicity

NOTE: This Web Site is a live and interactive demonstration of the output that is generated by using the IF4IT NOUNZ compiler, specifically for those individuals and enterprises who are looking for a faster and more affordable way to build and deploy high quality Web Sites that allow for better incorporation of data as well as content.

It should also be noted that the data contained and represented within this Web Site is fabricated for the purpose of the demonstration. Such data is not intended to represent anyone or anything outside this demonstration and any similarities should be considered coincidence.

What is NOUNZ?

NOUNZ is a Data Driven Web Site Builder that is designed, built, distributed, and supported by the International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT).

More specifically, NOUNZ is a data compiler that takes your spreadsheets or ETL generated flat files as its input. And, with the execution of a simple command, it rapidly generates a very powerful user branded Web Site as its output, all in the fraction of the time that it would normally take a large IT staff to perform the same amount of work, over a period of years.

NOUNZ Integrated Experience

What can NOUNZ be used for?

You and your enterprise can use the output of NOUNZ data compilations for things like:

  • a Public Web Site
  • an enterprise Intranet platform
  • an Enterprise Model or Enterprise Modeling Tool (often required by Architects and Designers)
  • an Enterprise Configuration Management Data Base (Database) or what is commonly referred to as a CMDB (often required by IT staff)
  • an Enterprise Library Management platform
  • an Enterprise Service Catalog
  • as an Enterprise Knowledge Management platform (for specific knowledge domains)

Note: How you use NOUNZ is subject to the terms and conditions set forth by the International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT) and users should check and understand such terms and conditions before using NOUNZ.

NOUNZ Node Cluster

What are some of the user experience features that are automatically generated as the result of a NOUNZ data compilation?

The compiler automatically generates a user skinable or brandable Web Site that includes:

This means that, when done, end users can see your enterprise data in very rich and interactive ways that would normally take multi-million dollar investments, in just a fraction of the cost, time, and complexity of other solutions.

What makes NOUNZ different from other Web Site building Content Management Systems?

Unlike other Content Management Systems that are used to build Web Sites from unstructured and raw free form content that requires the building of Web Pages one at a time and manually, the IF4IT NOUNZ compiler uses "data" to automatically synthesize or generate a content rich Web Site that is composed of more highly organized and inter-linked Web Pages than a large army of IT people can build in the same time.

How fast is the NOUNZ Compiler?

Given that the Data and/or Content already existed in flat files (e.g. Spreadsheet or ETL generated .CSV files), this entire web site was generated in about 2 and a half minutes of compilation time.

It consists of almost 8,000 nodes (i.e. Noun Instances), across almost 30 different catalog categories (i.e. Noun Types), approximately 50,000 web pages (many with advanced interactive visualizations), and hundreds of thousands of automatically generated Semantic Relationships. (It's important to understand that results vary, based on an enterprise's Data characteristics (i.e. number of Noun Types, Instances, Attributes, etc.). However, the results are pretty consistent. NOUNZ always beats out other solutions for generating large comprehensive web sites that are based on voluminous quantities of enterprise Data and Content.

Aside from compilation time, publishing the web site to an HTTP web server took about 60 seconds, manually, and less than 10 seconds via automated batch job.

The compilation was performed on an Apple Mac Air laptop, with a 1.7 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 memory.

Compare these results to how long it would take you and your enterprise to generate a similar web site. We dare you!

What kind of data can I put into the NOUNZ platform and, ultimately, my site?

Take a look at the Master Catalog (in the top Menu Bar) or at the different topic areas in the Left Navigation Column and you'll see that you can add almost anything that you can represent in a list, an inventory, or table to this site or the NOUNZ platform.

Also, what makes the NOUNZ compiler really different from other solutions is that it automatically harvests, organizes, gives context to, and creates countless bidirectional relationships and links between pages, something that manual processes could never keep up with. You'll get more working and usable links that have meaning, in seconds, using NOUNZ than an army of people can generate and publish in years, manually.

How do I get Data into NOUNZ?

You get data into NOUNZ using simple flat files that can be generated by something as simple as your Spreadsheet tool or from something as complex as your Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL) tool.

How complicated is it to get Data into the NOUNZ platform?

Feeding data to the NOUNZ compiler is actually a pretty simple process. Think of it as filling out spreadsheets for every topic area. When done, give the compiler some information about the names and locations of those spreadsheets, run the compiler, and NOUNZ does the rest to generate a site like this, with the exception that you will brand your site with your own headers and color schemes.

To make your life even easier, we provide you with a starter list of spreadsheet templates that you can use to get your site up and running. For example, all the topics you see in this demonstration site are available to you, as part of the NOUNZ compilation platform. If you like our templates, you just replace our data and content with your own data and content. You can customize our templates to meet your own needs, for your own environment. Once you know how to use templates, you can easily create your own to capture whatever is important to you and your enterprise.

What kind of infrastructure does NOUNZ require?

NOUNZ requires the Ruby language runtime environment, which is nothing more than an interpreter, along with a few Ruby Gems, to run the compiler. Otherwise, nothing else is required. If you can install Ruby, some Ruby Gems, and NOUNZ on your computer, you're good to go.

  • NOUNZ does not use or require an expensive or complex Database.
  • NOUNZ does not use or require an expensive or comple Application Server.
  • NOUNZ doesn't even use or require a Web Server, if you just want to layer it over a file system.

You will only require a Web Server if you want to deploy the NOUNZ output to the Web (internal or external to your enterprise), that is if you want to share the compiled output with a larger community.

You will also need a tool to create your Comma Separated Value (CSV) Files, such as a Spreadsheet tool or an ETL tool (if you want to get crazy).

What about performance?

Unlike other content management systems that require you to build each page and the links between them, often one at a time and manually, NOUNZ can rapidly take many spreadsheets tens of thousands of records between them and turn them into a neatly organized, feature rich, and highly linked Web Site, in a fraction of the time that it would take a large staff of people trying to do the same thing, over many years of effort.

In many cases, NOUNZ can compile tens of thousands of data elments (a.k.a. Nodes) and the relationships between them into many hundresds of thousands of Web Pages, with millions of links between them, in about 10 to 25 minutes. It is important to note that perfomance always varies, somewhat, based on the size and quantity of your data elements and data types. However, the results are typically much faster than other Web Site and Content generation alternatives.

Also, because NOUNZ knows how to automatically harvest Relationships from your flat files, it quickly generates more linkages between data and information constructs, in minutes, than an entire army of people can build, manully, in years. This means that users can rapidly traverse from any one data construct to any other (or related sets of others) in a few short clicks.

How does NOUNZ compare to traditional solutions?

NOUNZ Simplicity

IF4IT Logo

How can I get access to NOUNZ?

NOUNZ is offered to individuals as part of the IF4IT membership program (Individual Membership for industry professionals and Student Memberships for active students) and is available to them, automatically, as a benefit of their yearly membership fees.

NOUNZ is offered to enterprises through an IF4IT Corporate Sponsorship program.

Contact the IF4IT for further information and details on Membership and Sponsorship for you or your enterprise.

The software and documentation associated with the IF4IT NOUNZ compiler are a Copyright of the International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT), as of September 2010.

Note: NOUNZ is a registered trademark of the International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT).

NOUNZ is a product that is created, sold and licensed by The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT) and has been used to generate this Web Site.