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Index of all Countries
where Attribute "Continent" is equal to the value "Asia"

(Indexed on Attribute Name = "Continent")

(Total = 51)

Country Name Country Abstract
Afghanistan Asia
Armenia Asia
Azerbaijan Asia
Bahrain Asia
Bangladesh Asia
Bhutan Asia
Brunei Darussalam Asia
Cambodia Asia
China Asia
Georgia Asia
Hong Kong Asia
India Asia
Indonesia Asia
Iran, Islamic Republic of Asia
Iraq Asia
Israel Asia
Japan Asia
Jordan Asia
Kazakhstan Asia
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Asia
Korea, Republic of Asia
Kuwait Asia
Kyrgyzstan Asia
Lao People's Democratic Republic Asia
Lebanon Asia
Macao Asia
Malaysia Asia
Maldives Asia
Mongolia Asia
Myanmar Asia
Nepal Asia
Oman Asia
Pakistan Asia
Palestinian Territory, Occupied Asia
Philippines Asia
Qatar Asia
Russian Federation (Asian Regions) Asia
Saudi Arabia Asia
Singapore Asia
Sri Lanka Asia
Syrian Arab Republic Asia
Taiwan, Province of China Asia
Tajikistan Asia
Thailand Asia
Timor-Leste Asia
Turkey (Asian Regions) Asia
Turkmenistan Asia
United Arab Emirates Asia
Uzbekistan Asia
Viet Nam (a.k.a. Vietnam) Asia
Yemen Asia
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