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Environment Long Name Environment Short Name Description Environment Owner Previous Environment Next Environment Parent Discipline Related Disipline
Research Environment RES Used by technical resources and scientists to perform very isolated testing of new technologies and concepts. Doe, John None. This is the first environment. Development Work Space Environment Environment Management Research Environment Management
Development Work Space Environment DEV WS Used by developers and engineers to design and develop technical assets that will become part of greater systems and applications. Smith, Jane Research Environment Systems Integration Testing Environment Environment Management Developer Workspace Environment Management
Systems Integration Testing Environment SIT Used by technical staff to test the expected behavior of data integrations between multiple systems and applications. Doe, Jane Development Work Space Environment User Acceptance Testing Environment Environment Management System Integration Testing Environment Management
User Acceptance Testing Environment UAT Used by a limited group of end users to test the expected functionality of systems and applications. Smith, John Systems Integration Testing Environment Performance Testing Environment Environment Management User Acceptance Testing Environment Management
Performance Testing Environment PERF Used to test the performance of specific technical assets, such as software and hardware. Doe, John User Acceptance Testing Environment Training and Education Environment Environment Management Performance Testing Environment Management
Training and Education Environment TRAIN Used for training and education of stakeholders such as end users, administrators, and support staff. Doe, John Performance Testing Environment Production Environment Environment Management Training Environment Management
Production Environment PROD Used to run all systems that are necessary for day to day operations of the Business. Smith, Jane Training and Education Environment Disaster Recovery Environment Environment Management Production Environment Management
Disaster Recovery Environment DR Used to restore all Production Environment systems, in the event of a disaster. Doe, Jane Production Environment None. This is the last environment. Environment Management Disaster Recovery Environment Management

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