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SDLC Phases Catalog

This is an example of a catalog that displays the registered SDLC Phases which you might want to make available to your own end users. Notice that the catalog has a number of default views for looking at all SDLC Phase data records. It also displays any interactive indexes the administrator has defined for viewing categorically grouped SDLC Phase records, where the Indexes are made available in, both, textual and visual forms.

The catalog gets generated in a manner that makes finding and accessing records easy. It also gets generated in a manner where the layout and features are consistent with all other catalogs, ensuring a consistent user experience.

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NOTE: This section is customizable and represents an area where you can put your own content to describe any specific catalog you might generate for yourself or your enterprise. For example, you may want to add images:

SDLC Example

Text Based "SDLC Phase" Catalog Entries
Catalog Entry Description
All "SDLC Phases":
· Alphabetic List View An alphabetic list of all SDLC Phases by descriptive identifier, along with any relevant short description.
· Dashboard View A dashboard view of statistical traits about all SDLC Phases.
· Full Data View An enriched view of all descriptive data and content for all SDLC Phases, in one table.
· Relationship Density View An interactive and visual report that allows comparison of relationship counts between all SDLC Phases.
· Tabular Relationships View (All) An aggregate tabular view of all Semantic Relationships that include any and all SDLC Phases.

Visual Indexes
There are no Visual Indexes for this Noun Type.

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